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DVD Cart Trouble was Resolved

It was trouble that customers were not able to see DVD's information on the cart (Page Title is "DVD Order" / Page URL is ).
We resolved this trouble, now you can see DVD's information that you input ID.
If you can't see it at the moment, please try Hard Reload on your browser.

Best regards

cf. How to Hard Reload by any Browsers =

apanese Page =

NAOMI OSAKA Winning Memorial in BNP Paribas Open - DVD Bulk Special Sale

You can buy your favorite 10 DVDs ( only ID is DCCP ) for 5,400 JPY( + postage by EMS ).
There are target securities on the following URL.

But sorry we limit the following countries. Because we know that in other countries postal circumstances are not good.
 - Australia
 - Belgium
 - Canada
 - Denmark
 - Germany
 - Singapore
 - Taiwan
 - U.K.
 - U.S.A.

Please mail to me writing the next items.
 - MAILADDRESS : reijohshashinkan* ( Please change * to @ )
 - TITLE : NAOMI OSAKA - DVD Bulk Special Sale
 - ITEMS : 
 -1- NAME : Your Name
 -2- ADDRESS : Your Address, City(State), Country, Postal Code, 
 -3- TELEPHONE : Your Telephone Number
 -4- DVD-ID : IDs you would like to buy. ex. DCCP-001, DCCP-009/010/011

When we get your order mail, we will reply total amount money and the mothod for receive by PayPal.
You must send money by PayPal before Mar.30.2018.
We will send bulks of the DVDs that you ordered, when we get the information from PayPal for your sending money.

Best Regards

2017 DVD Clearance Sale


- Object Commodity : 
All commodity by 2 digits of the DVD-ID top is "DC".
Refer to following URL.
Only a disk. A jacket and a cover case don't attach.
It's to 20 titles of your favorite, 10,000JPY (including tax, including shipping charge).

It's limited to the following country.

It's limited to the person who can send money to us with PayPal by 26 Dec. 2017.
When get the information from PayPal, we will send the DVDs to you with EMS.
the method of payment operation with PayPay is the following URL.

Please mail us by the following point.

Mail Address : reijohshashinkan? ( Change ? to @ )

Title : "2017 DVD Clearance Sale"

Text :
 1. Your Name
 2. Your Address ( Address, City, State, Country, Pastal Number, etc. )
 3. Your Telephone Number
 4. DVDs which you want (MAX 20titles, DCxx only)
  ex. DCCP-001, DCCP-009/010/011, ...
 5. Payment due date

That's All.

Best Regards


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